Vedic Wisdom

“Pearls of Vedic Wisdom to Succeed” is an honest attempt to bring out the important Vedic concepts by explaining them in a simple manner with examples applicable to the present times. This book is not about any faith, belief or religion. This work is not just for the spiritually oriented. This humble work of ours is also intended for college students, professionals, doctors, engineers, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers and all others who delight in getting their intellect churned. We believe that the abundant timeless wisdom found in Vedic literature can be used in our day-to- day lives to make our lives peaceful, cheerful and meaningful. The goal of Vedanta is to wipe every sorrowful tear off from every eye and instead make the eyes gleam with love springing from blissful inner peace and abundant joy. The great Vedic masters understood that the very purpose of human life is to live happily, healthily and harmoniously.

Pristine thinking expounded in Vedic concepts could also be easily applied and adopted in our professions to increase our efficiency, creativity, and productivity while making our work more enjoyable and ensuring success in all our endeavors. Convincing arguments are provided to make everyone realize the presence of the Sentient Life Energy that is giving us live every moment and also shows the way to experience this all-important Sentient Life Energy. Not only clearly explains that it is our own Ego which is the cause of pain, suffering and worries, but also shows how to drop our Ego and feel free, liberated and blissful. Shows the way to gain Individual Peace and instils confidence to make the World Peace a distinct reality. This book attempts to ignite mass awareness of the knowledge of the ultimate Truth and attempts at mass enlightenment to bring out the purest form of human nature and pristine way of human existence.