H.H Pujya Swami Chaidanand Saraswatiji
president Permarth Niketan

Dear Divine Souls,

I am so glad to know that Shri Yogi Devarajji, Shri Arun Kumarji and Shri Venugopalaji are bringing forth this invaluable book, entitled "Pearls of Vedic Wisdom to Succeed," in which they have made sincere efforts to share ancient, timeless and vital Vedic concepts in a simple and comprehendible manner. Thereby empowering readers with the keys for leading a happy, peaceful and stress-free life.

I strongly feel that the time has come along with surfing web pages we must not forget to read and reflect upon our ancient and timeless Ved pages. India is a country where knowledge from the web must be combined with wisdom from the Ved. This will ensure that our speed and growth has a direction and is truly sustainable. This will also ensure that our development is one that is in harmony with our environment and is inclusive of all humanity regardless of caste, colour, creed, race, religion and region. Most importantly, we must not just read and know the Vedas but if we must truly live the Vedas.

I, once again, commend their efforts to provide our ancient pearls of wisdom in a condensed, concise and relevant manner in order to encourage and inspire the application of this beautiful knowledge and insight ever present in our Vedic philosophy. With love and blessings always, In service of God and humanity,

Swami Chidanand Saraswati
Parmarth Niketan ( Rishikesh )

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We are privileged to receive your inspirational literary work titled “Pearls of Vedic Wisdom to Succeed”. For this loveable gesture, I along with the entire community of Dev Sanskriti University take this opportunity to offer our heartfelt gratitude.

IWe strongly believe that your thought provoking literary work in the form of a torch-bearer of knowledge is guaranteed to illumine and enlighten our society, country and the world and usher in a new golden era of emotional wellbeing and harmonious existence of mankind.

Revered Gurudev had always emphasized that the present time is ripe to carry the message of new-age awakening to every household and to kindle the consciousness of every member of the society. These days we need to assume the roles of goodwill ambassadors building bridges between diverse cultures and uniting the humanity. …a task akin to what Nala and Nila carried out (while building the great bridge between Rameswaram and Lanka). Even granting that we mortals may not be able to rise to the exalted levels of industrious Angad (who volunteered to leap over the deep moat surrounding Ravana’s palace) or emulating the greatness of Lord Hanuman (who lifted the Sanjeevani Mountain), we should be able to contribute our little might to the greater cause of bridging the humanity almost like the tiny squirrels (unsung little heroes who did their bit in building the bridge to Lanka). There is a saying that our tasks for which our Creator has sent us to this planet would remain unfinished, if we do not lend our support to any good cause.

Nowadays, we need literature to awaken our consciousness and bring succour to our wounded society. It is at these much needed times that your literary work seemingly has brought a ray of hope as if to prove that the humanity cannot be left languishing forever beset with misfortunes. Society has to be lifted and guided towards the path of higher Consciousness. Fallen moral values must be rooted out which is indeed an achievable task.

Revered Dr. Pranav Pandyaji and Revered Shailaji opine that your work is a revolutionary step towards rejuvenating the entire humanity. Kindly accept the love and blessings from them. May the blessings of the Pujya Gurudev, Param Vandaneeya Mathaji be always on you and your families. Kindly accept our good wishes and benedictions.

Foreword by Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah

This book has brought about innovations in the effective treatment of psychological disorders. This is an area of increasing relevance and importance for the alleviations of the personality aberrations of the homo-economicus. Modern man is finding it increasingly difficult to balance his relentless pursuit of worldly goods on the one hand and peace and tranquility of the mind so essential for true happiness on the other. Western science took-up the investigations to understand and de-mystify the function of the human brain. The last decade of the last century (called “the Decade of the Brain”) intensified the pursuit of this area.
Wealth, status, authority and power are not evils by themselves. They contribute to the advancement of human welfare and happiness; but they should be regarded only as mere way-side stops in the exciting journey of the exploration of the moral and spiritual dimensions of human personality. “Pearls of Vedic Wisdom to Succeed” is really a tidy Hand Book in helping this process.

Padma Vibhushan Sri. M. N. Venkatachaliah
Retd. Chief Justice of India

Foreword by Scientist Dr. Dillibabu Vijayakumar

The book is packed with useful information to the readers to attain the eternal happiness and to maintain calm and composed mind in all circumstances to lead a stress-free life. Very inspiring, gives good insight on Vedanta. Enlightens us with subtle concepts explained in a most simple way with apt examples. Great attempt in trying to mix the ancient Vedic concepts with the thinking of the modern era making it easy to understand the timeless wisdom. Convincingly explains how to drop the ego and realize the presence of the Sentient Life Energy that is giving us life every moment and also shows us the way to experience this all-important Sentient Life Energy.

Dr. Dillibabu Vijayakumar, Scientist,
Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Bangalore, India.