"Life is full of something less and something more. When something is there, we feel something more is required. When everything is there, we feel there is something less. While seeking for something, we miss many things. While looking for missing things, we miss something already present. Why can’t we stop looking for something?"
"The anger first has an effect internally such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, fast and shallow breathing causing constipation of thoughts and resulting in diarrhea of words"
"Discriminative wisdom is enquiring with dispassion. ‘Whatever I have, I have it, whatever I don’t have, I don't have’; ‘If I have something, so what, if I don't have something, so what’; ‘f I have something or if I don’t have something it’s of no consequence, the most important thing is how much I am happy at any given moment."
"Experiencing the silent beatitude is the key. Being in Silent Awareness is the real human nature which is marked by silence, purity and is the pristine form of human existence."
"We are supposed to “love” all person, but quite often we tend to “make use” of them. Ironically when we are only supposed to “make use” of all object, we fall in “love” with them."
"Education should bring transformation in one’s life to understand the realities of life and should empower to live happily as well as radiate happiness to the whole world. Otherwise, the education loses its meaning if it does not promote peace, harmony, tolerance and universal brotherhood."
"Education should never stop, learning should never end and one should be an earnest student throughout the life. If one develops a voracious appetite for learning, then growth would never cease and success is bound to arrive."
"With bunch of inefficient people at the helm, ‘inefficiency breeds inefficiency’ keeping capable people becoming mute and made to sulk or quit."
"Once ignorance is gone, the restless agitations of the mind stops, desires cease, selfishness ends, misery vanishes, the unruly behavior disappears, gives way to radiate happiness, love, and compassion."
"Whatever happens in the ‘Outer World’ has an impact on the ‘Inner World’ inside our mind. In the same way we have an impact on the world around us with whatever feelings, emotions and beliefs we carry."
"The ego is the important culprit that forces the innocent mind to engage in the continuous generation of the thoughts."